one year

so one year and nine months ago, ryan and i discovered we were pregnant. and a year ago, we had a baby. and yesterday, she turned one. really, the only thing we did to celebrate was to sing happy birthday to her when she woke up. she didn’t get it. she looked a little freaked out.

you know when you’re first married (this most obviously does not apply to you single people) and you’ve been married a year and it seems like forever? and you can sincerely not clearly remember life without your spouse in it? but it’s only a year, which is nothing, and you know it. that’s how i feel about ava. i feel like she’s been here forever. i feel like i’ve been learning her for ages. i can hardly remember a time when she hasn’t been in my life.

overwhelmingly i feel grateful. being a mom has been the “most” experience of my life. most emotional, most physical, most happy, most frustrating. . .and i love that i’m doing it and i’m so happy to be doing it for the rest of my life.




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2 responses to “one year

  1. Hernan

    Happy Birth-day for all of you

  2. ML

    Beautiful! You, Ava, and your thoughts on motherhood! It was great to see you guys and I’m so glad you stopped in to see us in sunny Las Vegas.

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